Manufacture coconut jelly clean

Manufacture coconut jelly clean

Ben Tre province has the largest coconut growing area with more than 52,000 acres of water, more than 400 million annually to the left. From the company, production and processing facility in the province coconut, coconut water is very large excess. Coconut water before almost removed, causing environmental pollution. Over the years, over produce coconut jelly, this is the kind of products consumers at home and abroad preferred due to very good effect for the digestive system.

Currently, in the province of Ben Tre has produced hundreds of processing and exporting coconut jelly. However, most of them are small establishments, producing single technology application should only stop at the stage before knowing who to pass on to the next process technology has improved gradually more progressive trend but still incomplete and not bring high efficiency.

The manufacturer is almost always in the passive voice, not sure productivity and product quality after harvesting, how to make the production risks often arise without cause analysis.
Because of this weakness to recent press has to say to plaster products in Ben Tre coconut production of poor quality and does not ensure food safety.

In order to solve pressing on, the authors recommended "study technology to improve the process of production of crude coconut or coconut jelly old" Colleges of Ben Tre by plant physiology masters Pham Thi Nhu Oanh master mission held talks on the subject published to date 27/09/2012.

Master Le Thanh Cong - College Principal Ben Tre emphasize: This is an effort to show the progress of scientific research in the faculty of the school, and the school follow the market, contributing to the development provincial economy.

Master Pham Thi Nhu Oanh, head of the subject, presented the technology process: Like yeast in vitro Acetobacter kept 5 to 10 degrees C and then incubated in the incubator for 3 to 4 days, subculture, cultured environment humoral, breeding and blending F3.

In the stage of blending, the ingredients, turn over all of the following: Coconut water filtered through a cloth to remove mechanical impurities, sterilized at 100 ° C for 15-20 minutes, cooled to 30-32 degrees C, added sugars and pH adjustment using acetic acid.

After blending, incubated in a closed room, to stand for 5-8 days, followed by harvesting the raw plaster products.

Ms. Oanh said three strengths of this topic: Manufacturing process binding, the feasibility of cleaner production and ensure food safety.

In economic terms, the average crude equivalent of 1kg plaster nearly 2,100. About hygienic standards, laboratory of the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health City showed that arsenic, copper, lead and zinc were not detected, standard of food hygiene and safety; iron content of 2.67 mg / kg, the concentration of magnesium 12.7 mg / kg, hygiene and food safety.

A master production base of raw coconut jelly (Ward 7, Ben Tre City) coal: "Currently, I am producing crude coconut jelly sold only 1,300 VND / kg. Follow your technology teacher, the sale price up to nearly 2,100 VND / kg, one to buy? "

Through talking to many owners producing crude coconut jelly, glass in Ben Tre in these seminars, they said the technology mentioned above is nothing new. The problem is that the selling price of crude coconut jelly today.

Therefore, to reduce, in blending, they dilute many countries, the use of molasses, using SA, the dosage of DAP and especially use of industrial vinegar.

Through our observations in the production base of raw coconut jelly, problem coconut water containers washed with untreated water, drying tray location (containing coconut jelly) and premises of production is very infectious will give a rough plaster does not guarantee food safety.

Master production facility Pearl coconut jelly (My Thanh An Commune, Ben Tre City), urgent: "Currently, most of the production base of raw coconut jelly are sold to the Chinese market, a market that is quite facile and the current price of the product exported coconut jelly in that market acceptance. Want to raise the price of its crude coconut jelly, to expand its market to Japan, Europe, America. That this market is very difficult, to produce, especially raw coconut jelly with stringent technological processes like threads of Colleges Ben Tre. Therefore, expansion of export markets is coconut jelly pressing issues today's manufacturers in Ben Tre coconut jelly "

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