Coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is produced with 100% pure clean material with ultra-clean coal technology

Usages: used as raw materials for production of activated carbon, used in the restaurants specializes in grilled dishes, baked while traveling, picnic, barbecue in the garden or used for heating and cooking in the household. Environmental-friendly products

Size: 3 x 6 mesh - 14 - 16mm, 4 x 8 mesh - 7 - 9mm, 8 x 20 mesh - 2 - 3mm, natural size)

No smell - No Smoke - No spark when fire

Long time burning

High calorific

Calories: 5700-6500 Kcal/Kg

Moisture: 20 - 22% (max) (or as buyer’s option)

Ash: 3% (max)

Foreign matter: 1% (max)

Volatile matter: 22% (max)

Fixed carbon content: 71% (min)

Sulfur: 0.01%

Packing: In PP bag to be covered by PE ,40kgs/ bag, 16 mts / cont 20ft


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