Coconut Jam/ Sweetened And Dried Thread Coconut

Style: Fresh

Coconut Color: white and other as green, yellow, pink, purple
Place of Origin: Vietnam
Long : 1-10cm
Thickness : 0.03cm
Moisture : 10% max
Ingredients : coconut, sugar
Sugar : 50%
Total fat : 50% min

 " Ingredients Recipes delicious coconut jam "

- Young Coconuts : 300g ( only the white part pulp )
- Sugar whiter : 150 - 170g
- Vanilla powder

 Step 1 : buy the peeled Coconuts removed brown crust , grated into long thin fibers .

 Step 2 : Wash the grated coconut over several times with cold water to all the oil , then drain.

 Step 3 : Mix the coconut with sugar , coconut soaked for 2 hours or until the coconut , sugar is completely dissolved , while the island can soak about 30 minutes later were infused coconut , if you like can be added with food color color on .

 Step 4 : North coconut on the stove , heat on low heat . Just boil until the island has dried up coconut water , it sits on the surface of each fiber of coconut , add vanilla if you like , pay attention coconut soup not prone to burning.






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