Learn about pre-processing procedure in Ben Tre coconut

Learn about pre-processing procedure in Ben Tre coconut
As we already know that coconut trees are very valuable industrial economics from the body, wood, roots, leaves, and fruit ... tops can produce useful products. That these products are consumers especially tourists preferred. So, every once in Ben Tre, tourists want to see firsthand the coconut tree as well as learn about the stages of processing coconut. This is a joy for tourists.
Once the union homeland Mo Cay Nam, we learned about coconut loved this place. In the old days, pre-processing jobs in the local coconut aka job "as coconut", "coconut 'em" ... is to get the oil service industry. Nowadays, pre-processing is taking part coconut white rice, fat in it to supply food products such as fat powder, juice, pastries and other foods, .... Due to demand changes to the pre-processing stage in the process of change as well. Some processes require increased labor also increases contribute to solving labor harvest quite effective.

According to her, the tour guide: Though primary processing way modern or ancient production preparation is not changed. First go to purchase coconuts from the garden, choose type of coconut fat enough that the locals called coconut. On average, every month for a batch of coconut trees will dry fruit, the number more or less, as opposed to or smaller depending on the age of the trees and lush as well as the care of the plant. The harvest will go using a semicircular blade which locals called hooks, attached to a segment tree to pick coconuts of medium length which is locally called "coconut snatching". This segment is made of trees or bamboo trees reach straight pipe is shaped and dried to give a slight advantage in the harvesting process. Today, the hooks are made from polished steel and very sharp so people can pick coconuts chamber materials at the same time. And the fall of a coconut palm chambers can strike out on all sides, so people have to harvest agile dodge. Here some coconut pickers union wanted to try but too dangerous so they take pictures with all the garden as a souvenir.
We followed her instructions to find out the next step. Once harvested, they can be herded under the left palm of the ditches or small tricycles transporting coconut boats crept out of the corner of canals to focus on the beach strip. This process can be collected from the traders, households and trade exchanges between the intermediary market mechanism. At this beach focus is peeling coconuts for preparing. Coconut peel is manipulating coconut shells separated from the fibrous capsule with specialized tools from iron, one end flattened like a guard's spear which locals called "the tree is". A first tubular portion and fitted to a wooden rolling around 120cm long been buried in the ground, the rest of waist high level. If you want to store it in the long coconut peeling left to right part of the stem portion of the coconut fruit called "coconut three skin". In contrast, for pre-processing of the application immediately stripped to just leave the coconut shell section that is called stripped bare. Looking very dangerous, sharp blade patchouli that people always bow on the side of this blade. We are very impressed with these workers, thanks to them that we have the useful products from coconut.
Our organization continues to go to a large land area adjacent to the river bank, where there is a fairly large warehouse space, 20 employees are working hard. This is the stage of a coconut cup peeled into two parts which locals called coconut dam. The life of the dam surface using steel knife or coconut shells to separate into two pieces alike. At the dam coconut water portion is retained for coconut jelly. The intense coconut rice extract is then pried through manipulation, ie, with a slightly curved knives like hooks. Along with spinning operation to extract coconut. Skilled workers will pry pry the coconut meat from being moldy materials. Part shells are used to make charcoal or manipulated sintered products useful handicrafts. We have been expanding knowledge has been awarded people here dream of the coconut fat. It's been an unforgettable impression.
Come late afternoon sun also, sunset on the river long as a girl is showing long silky hair. We had parted with the dear people here in attachment. On the way she guided adds that coconut was incubated cells move through stages to remove brown crust is the contact between copra and coconut shell. This brown crust locals gathering to sell oil pressing facilities cater to industry. Then moved on coconut dipping for White Lake. This is a fairly large lake accommodate 3-4 ton copra. After two or three hours on the clock copra bags and transported to the processing plant into desiccated coconut exports. Here, as pre-processing stage is complete. And now other processing, pre-processing with the old way of picking stage. In the old days, after completion of pieces of coconut dams exposed to the sun or over a fire for drying copra parts come off shell part. Then also through stages of picking for copra. Finally, turn on the oil presses, not finished products varied output current.
The value of the coconut tree we have exploited for so long, but today it is mined more thoroughly through diverse products. And this value is improved because of the time trend is moving to use products with natural friendly. These products are very good for health but also traditional beauty of our Vietnam. We are happy to Ben Tre, a land rich loving hospitality. /.

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