How to use coconut oil for shaving, for both men and women...

How to use coconut oil for shaving, for both men and women...

How to use coconut oil for shaving

Coconut oil is a multi-tasking product. Not only is it delicious in your cooking and packed with health benefits, but it also allows you to ditch your chemical-laden, expensive beauty products by providing a natural alternative. Using coconut oil for shaving is just one way to reduce toxins in your body and improve your beauty regime.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Products we apply to our skin are absorbed. If you want to improve your wellbeing, eating clean isn’t enough - you need to think about what ingredients are in everything that comes into contact with your skin, from your moisturiser to your body wash, your deodorant to your shaving cream.

How to shave your legs with  Coconut Oil

It’s simple to switch your usual shaving cream for coconut oil. Here’s how:

After a shower or bath, pat most of the water from your legs. Slather on a small amount of coconut oil. If it has solidified, just rub some between your hands to melt it.

Use a sharp razor to get a close shave. The oil will moisturise your skin, helping the razor to glide over your legs and avoid razor burn. Rinse the blade between strokes.

Pat your smooth legs dry with a towel so that you retain the oil in your skin. If you wish, you can apply a little more oil for a really silky experience.

Tip:Remember that the oil can make the bath or shower slippery, so be sure to wipe it down afterwards.


How men can shave with Coconut Oil

Men can also benefit from shaving with coconut oil. As the oil lubricates the razor, it reduces the chance of nicks and cuts, as well as razor burn.

Before you start, open up the pores by dampening the face with warm water. Add a few drops of coconut oil and rub this into the face.

Shaving with clear oil can seem strange at first but it actually makes it much easier to see what you’re shaving. Rinse the blade regularly to reduce build up.

After you’ve finished shaving, wash your face with a wash cloth. The coconut oil will moisturise the skin leaving it soft, smooth and replenished. If you prefer, you can use a gentle, natural soap to remove any residue.

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