How To Make Desiccated Coconut And Grade it : Comprehensive Guide

A desiccated coconut is a form of by shredding or small cut the mature coconut flesh which gets dehydrated too and finally gets packed according to different grades according to the size of cut.desiccated coconut is a dried form of the white kernel part of coconut which use to process under good hygienic health conditions to human use. actually, desiccated coconut is one of a good alternative for fresh coconut meat. If you are life in no coconut growing country it’s really hard to find out the fresh coconut. So this problem can solve out by using these dried form of coconut.Normally the color of high-quality desiccated coconut are a white color and it’s also got sweet aroma too.

In most cased desiccated coconut are used as a topping and filler for special baked products, biscuits, snack, cookies, and cakes. Following are a guide to how to make Desiccated coconut in the manufacturing industry and how to grade Desiccated coconut.

Manufacturing Process of Desiccated Coconuts

Sri Lanka and the Philippines are the leading countries which manufacture the majority of these dried form of coconut of world’s requirements. The manufacturing process of this desiccated coconut is simple compared to other food processing industries.

Following are step by step manufacturing process of creating this dried coconut in large scale industry.


1. Selection of Coconut

To manufacture Desiccated coconut it’s really important to select high-quality coconut based on the yield. Different type of coconut got different yield so it’s also necessary to consider a good type of coconut also. Normally good mature high oil content coconut

Different type of coconut got different yield so it’s also necessary to consider a good type of coconut also. Normally good mature high oil content coconut

Normally good mature high oil content coconut is best to create these desiccated coconuts.


Normally remove the coconut husk is doing at the field and the husked nuts are taken to a factory for further value addition purposes. The main reason for remove husk in the field is to reduce the weight of

The main reason for remove husk in the field is to reduce the weight of coconut, so it’s really easy to transport and store.


After these coconut nuts arrive into the factory , these coconuts are carefully checked for their quality and to make sure that these coconuts are completely mature. Normally immature coconuts got very low oil content and this not

Normally immature coconuts got very low oil content and this not provides high quality dried coconut. If there are immature coconut found out in the field or

If there are immature coconut found out in the field or factory, what normally do is to seasoning the coconut at least one month to get mature.


Normally removing of coconut shell is done by a small knife. It’s really important to keep the kernel during the manufacturing process at the initial stage.

5. Paring the coconut

The pairing process of coconut which means the remove the test part of coconut by using a special type of knife. Normally pairing are dried by the sun or in the kiln.

later put in to milling purpose for manufacture paring oil. These type of paring oil is used to produce product like soaps.


Kernel of coconut are sliced into have to remove the coconut water and these waters are collected into special tanks. There are drinking products are created by use of coconut which got amazing health benefits. after removing coconut water these coconut kernel are wash again for make sure the hygiene.


After washing part over in the desiccated coconut manufacturing process , these coconut get sterilized.There is a special process to sterilizing the coconut and several steps associated with sterilization process.


By using special type of mechanical machines these sterilized coconut get break up into small parts . Later these disintegrated coconut get dried by using special dryer. Normally the moisture content of this dried coconut is 3%.


According to Grades of coconut different substance added to get enhance the quality of the dried coconut .

10. Packing

Finally these dried coconut get packed according to the volume to export. Normally these desiccated coconuts are packed in polythene to get rid of atmospheric moisture.

There are different forms of desiccated coconut are available in market and  according the sweetening and toasting added into these shredded coconut , it can further can graded . Following are several grades of dessicated coconut according to its characteristics.

coconut flakes

white Desiccated Coconut are consider best to consume

Grade of desiccated coconut

Desiccated coconut are graded by the cutting size of it and the best grade of these desiccated coconut are extra fine desiccated coconut.

unsweetened desiccated coconut are the primary type of these dessicated coconuts and you can also add some flavors to get sweetness inside to these desiccated coconuts too. Normally these dried coconuts are graded according to their quality such as follows

Extra fine coconut : Extra fine quality desiccated coconut are used for manufacture high quality products like biscuits. Normally these are flavored with slight amount of chewiness.

Fine Coconut : fine desiccated coconut got medium cuts and slightly less chewiness . These grade of dried coconut are widely used for confectionery products.

Medium coconut : widely use for  confectionery food products such as chocolate coated snacks. These type of medium coconuts are also used for popping for bakery products too.

Coarse dried coconut : Coarse coconuts are widely used in bakery industry for topping purposes and use particularly in puddings too.

dried coconut meat

dried coconut meat add in to famous recipe

Most of desiccated coconut are widely used for cooking purposes in domestic level and baking industry.

normally these type of coconut can keep for longer period and you should kept it on cool or dry place out of the light.

This can also kept in room temperature without any effect too.Desiccated coconut can easily stored for six months at room temperature and able to stored in a refrigerator for more time.

There are so many recipes can created out of by using these dried coconut and it’s always to better to have dried coconut in your pantry to make delicious recipes at your home.

We have already discussed several articles of benefits of desiccated coconut and flowing are those posts.

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