How to make coconut vinegar at home and their amazing benefits

We always prefer healthy food and diet in our lives. Apple cider vinegar is a part of our daily life either for edible purposes or to overcome skin problems, we use this to remove acne, blemishes and digestive problems. Similarly, another most popular vinegar in southeast Asia and India is coconut vinegar. Coconut vinegar is a natural product made up by using oxidation process of coconut sap, acetic acid, and ethanol. It is a natural source of probiotics which keep our gut healthy on so many levels. The sap of coconut is full of nutrients and it is used to make many healthy food items.

How to make coconut vinegar at home

There are many simple ways to make organic coconut vinegar in a cost-effective way. In here we are a plan to mention how to make coconut vinegar at your home.

There are only a few steps involved to make coconut vinegar at home, such as following.

  1. first strain the desired coconut water using a sieve into a pan.
  1. After filtering it add sugar to this water and stir well.
  1. Boil this water for 20 minutes at 65 Celsius. Cool down this water and pour into another air tight and sterilized container.
  1. Add some yeast to this water, mix it well and seal it tightly in the tight sterilized container. Set this solution aside for a week. This will oxidize the acid to make vinegar. You will smell a sour vinegar once it is fermented.
  1. Pour this coconut water to a pan and boil it for 20 minutes at 65 Celsius temperature. Add some vinegar to it and set it aside for a month to get the vinegar with 5% of acidity level.

Benefits of coconut vinegar

Full of minerals

This vinegar is made up from coconut water which is full of nutrients. The coconut plant grows in the soil which is full of nutrients, it contains potassium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc and copper.

Potassium controls blood pressure level and balances the electrolytes level. Iron produces the hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Magnesium helps in muscle and nerves coordination. All mineral plays a vital role in our body. Calcium helps to build bones and make them strong.

Contains Amino Acid

It contains all amino acids which are building blocks of protein, some amino acids are said to repair tissues. This vinegar is full of all nine amino acids.

Contains Probiotics

This vinegar is full of probiotics which help in improving the immune system and it helps the gut system to feed the bacteria.

Low Glycemic level

It is the best food for diabetic patients, it is having very low glycemic levels. It means it has low levels of carbohydrate which produces the glucose in the blood.

Beauty Benefits

This vinegar is used for hair treatment. It makes hair locks shiny and soft. It works as a cleanser for the face which kills bacteria and makes skin shiny and soft.


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