Get the Glow - Top Foods for Beautiful Skin

Your skin is a barometer of your inner health. There are many foods that are powerhouses for beautiful skin. They can create softness, suppleness and help minimise ageing. Wondering which foods are going to help you glow? Here's 6 great ways to nourish your skin!

1. Coconut Oil

There are so many ways to use coconut oil. Eat it, drink it, oil pull, cook with it, put it in the bath, on your skin and more. Every single way that you use coconut oil will benefit your skin.

When eaten coconut oil gets inside your cells and dispels displaced oils. Displaced oils are the biggest cause of free radical damage in the body, this damage causes pre-mature ageing, dull and blemished skin. Coconut oil is hydrating and cleansing when used topically. It is easily absorbed because it is recognised by the body as natural skin food.

Using a dry skin brush to improve circulation and detox the skin before applying coconut oil topically has amazing results. The brush allows the skin to open and breathe and then to completely absorb the amazing, hydrating and healing benefits of coconut oil.

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