15 Amazing Uses of Coconut Fibre Which You Don’t Believe

The complete guide of different Types, specification and application of Coconut Fibre in modern day.

The application and uses of coconut fiber has very long history, Ancient navigators widely use these coconut fiber based ropes for their ships over long period.

Coconut fiber based products introduced to western world in late 19th century and now it’s a huge industry which creates lots of products which now a huge industry.  Coconut coir is made out of the external hard (shell of coconut husk) part of coconut fruit.

Normally coir is a commercial product which create out of coconut husks and coconut coir is a by product of coconut fruit which can create lots of value added products.

Since coconut fiber is 100 % natural product this is recyclable green products.

Most of coconut coir fiber extracted out of coconut husks is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally.

Sri Lanka and India is the largest coconut fiber producer in the world and they produced more than 90% of coconut fiber in world market demand.

There are so many countries which produce coconut fiber and Sri Lanka is well-recognized to produce best coir in the world.

Types of Coconut Fibre

There are various types of coconut coir in the market and the most popular fiber types are.

  • Brown fiber
  • White fiber
  • Bristle Coir
  • Buffering Coir

By considering different applications which use ,the types of coconut fiber is very .

Specification of Coconut Fiber

According to website following are some general specifications of coconut fiber which is ideal for industrial purposes.

Length                       > 50mm

Moisture content    < 15%

Impurity                   < 3%

Packing                     Tightly Strapped Bales

Quantity                     1x 40’ HC (17-18 metric tons)


How to create Coconut Fibre from Coconut Husk

Look How to do it:

Coconut fiber is extract out of coconut husk through a process which named as retting in coconut industry.  Following are the basic steps which use to create coconut fiber out of coconut husks

Step 1: coconut husks soaked in water for over a long period

Step 2: Coir removed from this coconut husks

Step 3: by considering the color and size it’s graded and use for different purpose.

Some times different coconut fiber machines are used to produce coconut coir in coconut husks soak process.

Different Uses of Coconut Fiber in modern world

The most traditional uses of coconut coir are to making ropes and mats but due to recent development coconut coir are now used for wide rage of applications. Following are some of the popular applications of coconut fiber in modern-day.

Hears  the deal:

  1. For create ropes by use of Coconut Fibre

coconut fibre ropeCoconut fibers are mainly used to create ropes. Since these types of coconut coir are natural and resist sea water, it’s widely use to accessories in boats and fishing nets. Most  of these ropes are really tough.

  1. Use for Insulation in construction and other industry

Coco coir got tremendous property of good temperature management so this are widely used for insulation purposes.

  1. Mattresses(very popular home product)

Coconut coir is widely used to create mattresses on house hold purposes. Unlike most syntactic mattresses  coconut coir based mattresses  gives some natural feeling. For mattress bristles of coir are widely use

  1. Irrigation Industry ( Due to its water holding capacity)

Coconut fiber irrigationCoconut fiber got excellent water holding quality so this uses to create some irrigation systems for irrigation agriculture purpose.

  1. Coconut Fibre Use in Hydroponic Industry

Since this hold water than some soil less media, this coconut coir are widely used in Hydroponic Industry world-wide.

  1. Floor Mats (Another Popular Home Product)

Floor Mattress Coconut fiber based mats are now much popular due its unique quality and hard uses. It removes dust very efficiently.

  1. Shock absorbent in Transport industry

Coconut fibre got excellent shock absorbent quality and its use widely in transportation industry for transport goods for longer distance. (It’s cheap and able to reuse)

  1. Vehicle seats (Automobile Industry)

coconut fiber seat coverMost of high quality coconut fiber are used to create vehicle seats. Most of railway seats are created by using best grade of coconut coir.

  1. Landscaping (substitute for traditional soil based peat)

Coconut fiber is a great substitute for traditional soil based peats. Unlike other syntactic peats, coconut fiber is also nature friendly solution for landscaping.

  1. Production of Concrete fiberboard

There is recent development of producing concrete by use of coconut coir based fiber. Due to its less expensiveness, flexibility most of coconut coir based concrete now getting much popular. By compare with other type of concrete coconut fiber-reinforced concrete is also strong and ideal for hard use.

  1. To Create Brushes for home use

Coconut fibre burshCoconut coir is also used to create brush and most of coir based brushes proved excellent performance compared with other syntactic brushes.

  1. To Create Brooms for home use

In Most south Asian counties coconut coir is use to create brooms, by compare with other fiber based and plastic brooms, this provide excellent sweeping quality.

  1. Soil Erosion Control Purposes

Some low-grade coconut fiber are widely used in erosion control on river banks, irrigation and hill areas in large-scale.

  1. Upholsters padding for automobile sector.

Normally coconut fiber mixed with rubber latex to create rubberized coir to produce upholsters padding for automobile sector.

  1. To Create Furniture’s.

coconut coir is also used to create furniture’s and the best grade of coconut fiber use to created furniture accessories and most of furniture’s created by use of coconut fiber got long durability.

Normally coconut fiber takes 20 years to decompose but this does not generate any harm for our environment. So using product by use of natural coconut fiber is also good for our environment also.

Most of coconut fibre based products are tough and got great durability.

So if you want to buy some items which use coconut fiber as raw material the above details would be more value for you.

By considering overall coconut fiber is multipurpose product which the applications spread around wide area.

We have already discussed some other important benefits of using coconut fiber in our earlier post. For those who want to get more information’s about coconut fiber can visit my other articles about coconut fiber in Coconut Fiber and Coir.

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